Selasa, 02 April 2013

Contoh Verbal Sentence dan Nominal Sentence

  1.  I have played football in the yard 
  2.   I Have read a novel in the class
  3. Agung  has bought barbie in the doll store 
  4.  Agung has had her lunch 
  5.  Agung has not completed school assignments 
  6. Wiro have a bath twice a day
  7.  He is gone to Bandung yesterday 
  8.  I have studied last night 
  9.  He has worked with spirit 
  10. He has his mother's favorite cooking

  1. I have been a student for 8 years
  2. He has been here since 9 o’clock
  3. Agung has already graduated from Gunadarma University 
  4.  I have never been late go to the class
  5. I have been working with my computer all day 
  6.  I have written english lesson for 30 minutes 
  7.  You have read my lesson since 2 PM
  8. it just been snowing in Japan 
  9.  I have been a teacher for 3 years
  10. He has been a soldier for 5 month

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